Thursday, December 15, 2011

"How To Pick The Right Video Production Company - Don’t Forget the Intangibles." by Victor Van Rees

You need a marketing, convention, training, or recruiting video.
You’ve worked up a set of specifications – how long, how many shoot days, how much graphic design, etc. 
After receiving three or more quotes, you have to pick one. How do you decide?
Is the lowest price the main driving force, or is it quality (of course, all the vendors profess top quality).  Consider the intangibles.

Creativity – Is your intention a clear, direct presentation of facts and message? Or do you want to make it a memorable impression – have some personality to separate it from the herd?
To determine if your vendor can breath some spirit, excitement, or a unique perspective to your project, ask them to provide samples or a creative approach.
Don’t forget to allow some flexibility in your budget for those creative touches.

PersonalityWhat services a company provide is only part of the relationship. How they provide a service can make a difference.
What about the personality of the producer, editor or the entire production company?  Visit the facility and get a sense of their culture. Do you think you’ll like working with them?
Ask for references. More than anyone, those other groups can give you a great perspective of how a working relationship might evolve. This is an important facet, since you will likely be spending a good deal of time with them.

Finishing, Duplication, Web Posting - Is the vendor truly a full service facility?
A full service post-production facility can truly deliver from ‘script to screen’, and should have the resources to create and distribute your product for your specific need.
Are you playing this video from a computer during a meeting?
Will it live on a large-screen display at your annual event?
How about an HD broadcast commercial? 
Or are you embedding this on your web site?
Do you need DVDs or CDs to send out by the year’s end?
Most in-house production setups, or smaller single-person outfits, do not possess the materials and technology to go seamlessly from the edit suite to your specific distribution needs.

Full-service production facilities can master to most any tape or digital format in standard or high definition, create web-ready video files, embed your presentation within a PowerPoint, develop interactive menu driven DVDs, or provide … well, you name it. 
If you have more complex needs like translation, captioning, package fulfillment or interactive programming, make sure the vendor you choose can manage and direct the process. Think about all your needs and find the vendor who can meet them all.

Special Effects, Animation and Interactivity:
Do you want to make an impression on your audience? Will your video have a greater impact through a distinct, creative presentation style that only motion graphic effects or animation can bring?
Blending your branding with animated scenes, aligning your message with the right pace and emotion will let your message resonate more with an audience.
Does the video company you select have additional capabilities to create 2D and 3D animation? Full service post-production facilities generally have on staff motion-graphic designers or animators who specialize in creating impressive or realistic effects, using their skill to blend them seamlessly into a story.
If your presentation will live on a DVD, Interactive programming can transform a ”chaptered” DVD into an interactive experience for a viewer.
Utilizing a combination of technology and skill can separate your presentation from others, reflecting a positive image of your company as a creative, energetic forward-thinking group.

Storytelling – You have a message to send. Make sure your audience both receives and clearly comprehends it. Storytelling is an art requiring talent enhanced by experience. A professional editor or producer understands how an audience receives a message and interprets the varied sights and sounds. Balancing all the elements from effortless pacing to eliciting a specific emotion, are some of the advantages of working with an industry pro. Viewing sample videos can tell you a lot about the story-telling ability of your video company.

Deep Bench – Modifications and deadlines are a fact of life, but will they overwhelm your vendor? Will your facility of choice handle and adapt to immediate turn-around needs or last-minute changes? Do they have ample edit suites, night shifts and additional personnel to meet a too-near deadline or last-minute changes? Or will your project just stand in line, awaiting the next available opportunity?

Cost in dollars is always a major consideration. However, when making your selection, think about the additional impact of time, quality, reputation and stress. Creating a quality video takes a lot of work, but with the right video production partner you should actually enjoy the process.

Victor Van Rees
Vice President Sales and Marketing
2300 South Ninth Street
Arlington, VA 22204
phone: 703-486-2303

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