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White Paper: Save Money with an Omnibus/Ad Hoc Video Support Contract verson II

From Victor Van Rees, VP Federal Marketing, The EFX Company (dba EFX Media)
With an omnibus video services contract, similar to contracts awarded to EFX Media by the US Census Bureau, FEMA, OCC and others, Federal agencies can enhance quality, improve efficiency, and most importantly, save money. Oh, and you’ll only have to deal with contracting and price negotiations once every 3 to 5 years. 

Consider bolstering your in-house video capabilities with video services such as: a network of qualified video crews in every state and in fourteen other countries; technical support, such as: editing, interactive programming and animation; and staffing on an as-needed basis, under an IDIQ or BPA contract. When any department requires services over and above your existing capabilities, a vendor, such as EFX, could supply them on an "as needed" basis. 

FEMA has tasked EFX with providing script-to-screen video production services to communicate the importance of and the critical points in following  and complying with the Privacy Act. EFX videotaped in multiple locations, Atlanta to San Diego, and created several videos in a short amount of time . You can view one of the videos at

 You will save money compared to adding staff on a semi-permanent basis for what might only be a temporary spike in activity. A vendor can supply media specialists, designers, producers, editors on a weekly, monthly or annual basis. Further, you would avoid the high cost of retooling your video equipment to keep pace with the latest in High Definition cameras, recorders, editing software, multimedia capabilities, etc. You would have at your fingertips, experienced artists and technicians who can instantly deliver a polished, professional, modern look to your videos. 

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency recently awarded EFX with its second BPA for start-to-finish video production.EFX produced this recruiting and orientation video for bank examiners, shot in various US locations.

An extremely important issue is scheduling. How often have you had to postpone communication releases until your in-house shop can work them into their schedule? An on-call full-service production center can deliver rapid-response location shooting, animation, editing and finishing within days, if not hours.

For FEMA, EFX taped training seminars in San Diego, then created a graphic-oriented promotional video to show FEMA stakeholders  the importance of attending orientation seminars. View the video by clicking

The U.S. Census Bureau foresaw this advantage and awarded a contract to our company similar to what was proposed above – location shooting, editing, animation and staffing. The advantage of having a vendor with wide-reaching capabilities such as EFX under contract is you can minimize contracting efforts when sudden needs require immediate response.

Noorvik, Alaska, January 25, 2010 -- EFX provide US Census Bureau with a live satellite uplink from remote Alaskan village of Noorvik . In this photo, Census Bureau Director Robert Groves traveled by dog sled today and visited residents.

In addition to providing the U.S. Census Bureau with nationwide location, EFX provided animation, editing, and translation services. The animated video, “It’s Easy” was produced in 60 languages, including a version for the English & Spanish LGBT communities and a version in American Sign Language. View the video at

 Here’s another example of cost effective animation for a government agency.  Touchstone and their OMB client, needed an animated video to simply explain the benefits of cloud computing. The video EFX created was presented on the website. You can view the animation at

The funding minimum for such a contract can be extremely low, with each task order requiring simplified budget approval. A specially discounted rate card for services and labor categories would be established up front to allow instant cost calculation for task orders. The cost savings would be considerable. 

We can share with you sample discounted rate cards for ad hoc support contracts that have provided other agencies with the efficiency of instant support, enhanced quality, and extremely important budget savings

The EFX Company (dba EFXMEDIA)
GSA Contract GS23F0059P and GS23F0060P (small business set-aside)

EFX Media is one of the country’s leading full service video production and media communications firm with a complete production, post-production, graphic arts and creative department located in Arlington, VA. EFX Media has a team of exceptionally talented, experienced, and dedicated professionals trained in traditional media, the latest interactive and distribution technologies as well as business communication. Our core business revolves around Full Service Video Production, Interactive Solutions, Media Services and Online Video Distribution. We emphasize creating benefits and value for our clients. We have developed methodologies based on industry best practice and years of experience that allows us to deliver quality services. 

We are a small business, on the GSA schedule. Our staff of managers, producers, directors, cameramen, engineers, editors, designers, writers, schedulers, and office staff have been carefully developed to find the most capable and loyal personnel available to manage projects and to best serve our clients. Additional information about EFX and samples can be viewed at

Just a few of our clients include: US Army, US Navy, Tricare, FEMA, USDA, OCC, US Marshals Service, Library of Congress, IRS, US Census Bureau, Department of Justice, National Geographic, UN Foundation, Booz Allen, Serco, SRA, General Dynamics, America Online, Exxon-Mobil,, and many others.

Victor Van Rees
Vice President Federal Sales and Marketing
The EFX Company ( dba EFXMEDIA)
2300 South Ninth Street
Arlington, VA 22204
Voice 703-486-2303 Cell:   703-447-8950

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